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Custom Exotic 3.5 Weed Bags Child Resistant Packaging Pouch Wholesale

We offer custom exotic 3.5 weed bags for wholesalers, manufacturers and brand owners. Our packaging is known worldwide, having been exported to Thailand, America, Canada, South Africa, etc. You will find Bowe Pack your trusted supplier.
  • Our Advantage:
    10.000PCS MOQ
    Custom Printing
    Child Resistant
    BRC Certified
    7-15 Days Delivery
Description FAQ about Weed Bags
We are custom child proof packaging manufacturer with 25 years experience, exporting premuim custom exotic 3.5 weed bags to America, Canada, South Africa and other over 20 countries. Welcome to contact us to start a custom project.

custom cannabis packaging 3.5 mylar bags manufacturer


  • High barrier protection: Made of laminated packaging films, the weed bags offers strong protection against contamination like moisture, oxygen and UV light.
  • Child resistant: Our weed bags can be featured with durable child proof zipper to avoild children to open the baggies.
  • Food safe:  Our custom exotic 3.5 weed bags are made of food safe materials and printing ink, ensuring to meet food grade requirements.
  • Smell and odor proof : The custom exotic 3.5 weed bags must be smell resistant and odor proof to keep 100% freshness of the weeds and cannabis products.

custom cannabis mylr bags wholesalechild proof cannabis packaging bags 3.5g baggie wholesale


  • Cananbis flowers
  • Medical cannabis 
  • THC produsts like thc gummy, THC edibles candy, etc
  • CBD products
 custom printed 3.5g mylar weeds bags


STYLE Mylar bags/ Child resistant bags/ Exotic 3.5 Weed Bags
MATERIAL ·Various laminated plastic materials for choice:
Transparent poly, kraft paper, aluminum foil, metalized foil, *recyclable, *compostable / biodegradable materials
·Material Structures: BOPP/AL/LLDPE, Kraft/VMPET/LLDPE, PET/AL/LLDPE, PET/VMPET/PE and more.
According to the target usage and customers’  needs, our packaging experts are capable of designing material structures that best suit your demand.
SIZE To be fully customized according to your needs
If you don’t know the size clearly , let BOWE PACK help you.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES ·8 types unwinding positions
PRINTING Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks or eco-friendly soy inks
·Gloss finish
·Matt finish
·Matt finish with spot glossy (Spot UV)
MOQ 10,000pcs for start up

custom exotic 3.5 weed bags wholesale supplier


  • 3.5g weed bags size: 9*13+6 cm, 10*13+6cm, 10*15+7cm
  • 7g weed bags size: 10*15+7cm
  • 14g weed bags size: 12*17+6cm
  • 28g weed bags size: 15*21+8cm
  • custom exotic 3.5 weed bags sizes
  • custom exotic 3.5 weed bags sizes 
custom process

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FAQ about Weed Bags

FAQ about Weed Bags

What are weed bags?

Weed bags, also known as cannabis packaging bags, are special containers designed for storing and transporting cannabis products like cananbis flowers. These bags are made from various materials and offer features such as odor resistance, child-resistant closures, and light-blocking properties to maintain the freshness, potency, and privacy of the cannabis.

What materials are commonly used for weed bags?

Common materials used for weed bags include high-quality plastics such as polyethylene,polypropylene or aliminum ofil. These materials provide excellent barrier properties against moisture, air, and light, which helps preserve the quality of the cannabis products.

Are weed bags smell-proof?

Yes, our weed bags are designed to be smell-proof. They incorporate durable materials and closures that minimize odor leakage, ensuring discretion and maintaining the freshness of the cannabis products.

Do weed bags offer child-resistant features?

Yes, child-resistant features are essential for cannabis packaging. Our weed bags are equipped with child-resistant closures, such as zipper locks or push-and-turn mechanisms, to prevent accidental access by children and promote safety in households.

Are weed bags customizable?

Yes, weed bags can be customized to reflect your brand identity. Customization options include printing logos, bag styles, sizes, add-ons that help differentiate your cannabis products and enhance brand recognition.

Do weed bags comply with cannabis regulations?

Weed bags are designed to comply with specific cannabis regulations and legal requirements, such as labeling guidelines, child-resistant packaging standards, and state-specific cannabis packaging regulations. It is important to ensure that the chosen bags meet the necessary compliance standards for your region.

Can weed bags be heat sealed?

Yes, many weed bags have a heat-sealable feature that allows for secure sealing, ensuring product integrity and preventing tampering. This feature is commonly used in pre-packaged cannabis products to provide a tamper-evident seal.

Are weed bags reusable?

Some weed bags are designed for single-use purposes, while others can be reusable, depending on the construction and closure type. Reusable bags typically feature resealable closures that allow consumers to open and reclose the bag multiple times while maintaining product freshness.

Do weed bags protect against UV light?

Yes, BOWE PACK weed bags are designed with light-blocking properties to protect cannabis products from UV light. Exposure to UV light can degrade the potency and quality of cannabis, so light-blocking bags help maintain the product's integrity and freshness.

Are weed bags available in different sizes?

Yes, weed bags come in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of cannabis products. Whether you need small bags for individual portions or larger bags for bulk storage, there are options available to suit your specific needs and product requirements.
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